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I understand that some people could easily look at their computer and see the brand or model but for lack of time and lack of more in-depth practices, i did a survey to get my point across.

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I believe that many Windows-based computers have too complex of offerings for their computers. Some companies offer 8-10 models while other companies offer 15+ models. I compared them to the fairly simple computer model naming process of Apple. They have 5 models: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. They use these models to push out new specs and innovations every year. In the past, they carried the Macbook but that has been replaced by the Macbook Air.

Apple has a strong advantage because of the the simplicity of their naming conventions. Here are the results that I found. I have included a chart of the respondents who have Apple computers and a chart of respondents with Windows computers. You'll notice the stark contrast in percentages: 39% of Windows users knew their model compared to 93% of Apple users.

With the decrease in sales of laptops and desktops, companies need to simplify their offerings rather than expand. This will increase customer recognition and, ultimately, allow the company to focus more on their key products and ensure success of the models in the future.

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