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Welcome to Vive La Différence – an independent retailer that celebrates the diversity of the world we live in and the individual creative vision of its artisans.

Vive la Justice!

Vive La Différence supports fair trade. We buy directly from artisans in the Developing World or from registered fair trade agents. That means that workers are directly – and fairly – rewarded for their labours. And it means that your purchase supports healthy, positive work environments and helps people improve the lives of their families and communities in countries throughout Africa, Asia and Central and South America. It’s only fair!

Vive le Canada!

Vive La Différence also carries the work of artisans from all over Quebec and across Canada. From Atlantic Canada to British Columbia… the Canadian creations we offer are as different and varied as our vast country itself. What they have in common is the original vision and sense of fun and adventure of the artisans who create them. It’s our way of providing an outlet for the unique work of Canadian artisans… and for our own Canadian pride!

Vive la Diversité!

Vive La Différence is an antidote to the drab, mass-produced uniformity most retailers foist on us. No multinational brand names. No cookie-cutter consumerism. Vive La Différence celebrates the global diversity all around us – that’s too often buried by a sea of consumer conformity. One of a kind, distinctive creations. Original, personal visions. Carefully made. Lovingly detailed. It may be a plastic world out there, but not when you step into Vive La Différence!

Vive La Différence!

Vive La Différence helps you make a difference. By supporting the work of women and men around the world, you’re helping support families and communities live in dignity and hope. You’re supporting our own artisans and creative craftspeople in this country – ensuring their work is recognized and they can earn a livelihood that enables them to keep on creating. You’re making a difference. In the world, and in many lives – including your own!

Vive Les Enfants!

There are some 11 million AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. Women are traditionally the primary caregivers in African villages. By shopping at Vive la Différence, you are helping MAMA-Africa in its quest to empower those women, and consequently to give orphaned children, and all those touched by HIV, a brighter future. All profits for 2008 will be donated to this worthy effort.


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