When you think about paintings, we think about a professional artist painting on a canvas which has some complex and abstract meanings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be as amateur but still, you can be a good painter. You don’t have to look far, the word, amateur comes from the Latin word of amateur which means one who loves. It doesn’t matter what actions you are taking, be it painting or in some other activities but you are doing it because you love it.

That’s where the greatest achievement of any works lies. You take satisfaction from the work that you have done. If a painting gives you that, that painting has served its purpose. It doesn’t matter whether anyone will get any meaning or not which you intended to spread with that painting but most importantly, what matters most is, whether you are satisfied with it or not.

Be it an oil painting, or water color, what signifies most is, what you are trying to convey. You may build up the skills to such a level that you can actually sell your works but even if you can’t, then there is no reason to be discouraged. Why are you doing this? To answer this question, most people will say that, to do something that satisfies oneself. And here’s where the secret of hobby lies. You don’t develop a hobby out of utmost necessity but because you do it as you love doing it.

Hence, painting gives a perfect opportunity to explore your sides which you yourself may not have been aware of. It may show you that, you could be a better artist than you think you are. Even going far ahead you can be such an artist that you could even sell your works. Hence, one should always consider painting as a hobby to explore the world.

Painting as a Hobby

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