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The question I have is what exactly is Samsung trying to accomplish? Is this just the first step towards dumping Android all together? Is there really room for another operating system? I have argued in previous posts that there may not be. In my opinion, Samsung is seeing the Gear as a chance to experiment with a new OS to see if it will catch on or if people will completely ignore it altogether. If it catches on then you may see a leap of faith to Tizen for smartphone but it seems unlikely that will be any time soon.

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Tizen is expected to be included in more products than just a smartwatch. Currently Samsung has released a camera that includes the Tizen framework in it. There is a possibility that Tizen was never meant for smartphones and will just be in accessories and gadgets.

The other watch that Samsung launched was the Samsung Gear Fit. This watch has a different design to it and is much sleeker. This watch is targeting fitness or at least active people. Believe it or not, The Samsung Gear Fit does not run Android or Tizen. The operating system for the Fit seems to be unique and is said to be simpler, which will provide better battery life. The caveat about this simpler OS is the lack of opportunity for development. There will not be an SDK for the Fit, which may limit it's capabilities in the future.

Ultimately, Samsung has made some great moves with the new Gear but it will be interesting to see how the new OS communicates with the Android smartphones and if Tizen will be a hero or a villain.

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