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Have you heard the saying, " If you have a list then you have a business, If you don't then you have a hobby!"

I wished that I had heard that when I first started in Network Marketing. I was so keen to get a sale it never occurred to me that building my list was actually going to pay me more than a quick sale.

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A list that you have built yourself is better than money in the bank because the list is like real estate and once you have established a relationship with your list then you can send out information and recommendations knowing that a percentage of them will buy.

They may not buy this time; we know that it takes up to seven exposures to an offer before people will buy and I know that from my own experience,I was on a list for two years before I bought.

Think about for a moment. Two years before hand I signed up for some information and a course I thought I liked. The investment was more than I was comfortable paying at the time but as I continued to receive regular offers and relevant information I came to see the course was actually value for money. The next time that course was offered I invested.

Now for over 2 years I had been receiving information on autopilot. It hadn't cost the sender any money to mail me and when I was ready I purchased.

Now there have been some lists that I have taken myself off. Why? There wasn't value and they we're clogging my inbox .

I know that building a strong targeted list that I can mail to time and again is the most important skill that I have acquired.

What's required?

An autoresponder and a great system that drives targeted traffic to your list day after day. Get it right and it's a never ending supply of laser targeted leads wanting to buy what ever you recommend

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