A Favorable How-To and Several Things to Consider

You've created your Facebook fan page and it looks awesome. But, there's just one problem

Nobody's visiting and "Liking" your page!

Don't worry, you're not alone. Many businesses struggle to build an audience on Facebook.

Especially, now that Facebook has limited the way updates to business pages show up in the news feeds. It's difficult, but not impossible to get people to visit your fan page.

As a local business, you have a secret weapon that can really drive traffic to your pageyour existing customers.

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People coming into your shop, subscribing to your email list or visiting your booth at the Saturday market are all potential Facebook fans. You just need to tell them about the benefits of liking your amazing fan page.

With that in mind, here are the top 7 ways that you can get your offline customers to visit and "Like" your fan page.

1. Shelf & Cash Register Signs

Every local business has at least one high traffic area. Create a special sign with a link to your Facebook page and hang it in that area. This is even more effective if you can tie the sign to the products in that area.

For instance, a pet supply store could place a sign near the dog toys with an invitation for customers to share pictures of their dogs on your fan page.

2. Product Packaging

This is a great one for bakeries and other businesses that produce a physical product. If you're printing labels for your products then add a link to your fan page and encourage customers to share their thoughts about your product.

3. Email Signature

It's surprising how many people will respond to links in your email signature. Create a new email signature with a link to your Facebook page and put it at the bottom of all your emails. I've done this in the past with a call to action and had great results.

4. Receipts/Invoices

Are you printing receipts and invoices for customers? Adding a link to your fan page with an invite to share their feedback on Facebook can go a long way in getting increased customer feedback and traffic.

5. Print Ads, Mailers and Coupons

If you're running print ads and coupons in the local newspaper (or sending postcards to your clients), add a link to your Facebook page and ask customers to visit your fan page to see the best specials and deals.

6. Business Cards

Business cards are still one of the best ways to show customers how to contact you. Add a link to your fan page and let people know to stay connected on Facebook.

7. Delivery Trucks and Vans

Your company vehicles are a great billboard that travel all over town. You probably have your phone number on the side of the truck. Why not add your Facebook page as well?

Bonus: Where to Find the Best Facebook Logos for your Marketing

There are tons of Facebook logos floating around the internet. But, many are copyrighted so the Facebook Brand Resources website is actually the best place to find free Facebook logos and thumbs up "like" icons.

They have some rules on how you should use their logo but the gist of it is to "treat their logo as you would want to have someone else treat yours."

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