4 Killer Ways To Take Massive Action

Taking Massive Action is more than just saying your going to do something. It means actually following through with what you said you wanted to go (action word) do and get DONE!

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My friend took massive action. Most miss that simple step of following through that same day you say your going to finish something.

What would happen if you followed through?

Here are some quick simple steps you can do daily.

1. Evaluate & Reflection -Sounds simple, right? I think why we don't is this is where we ask "ourselves" those hard questions. Like what do we want from the future?

2. Dreams & Goals -What are your goals? Without looking back to the past, what do YOU want personally? What do you want to attain? Dreams and Goals are the very core things that YOU YOU YOU love and dream about. Did you know YOU can create wealth by simply dreaming? It's when you set GOALS to achieve and do it that you create wealth.

3. SMART Goals- Specific goals cannot be vague. Like I want to lose weight, no I want to lose 10 lbs in 7 days. The latter is precise! See the difference.

Measureable -How will you know you hit your goal. Cause you lost the 10lbs in 7 days. That is measurable.

Attainable -Be honest with yourself BUT I must say don't let yourself take shortcuts to slack. Gross! Don't say "well I didn't lose 10lbs in 7days cause I was on a cruise" then that goal was NOT attainable in your eyes. Why. You knew you was going to eat and not work on your goal. Just getting honest here. :-D

Realistic -Is it real and practical. It is like saying you can lose 20lbs in 7 days.is this really realistic? Just typing it sounds absurd. So no 20 lbs in 7 days is crazy, but 10lbs in 7 days is realistic and healthy.

Time -The old ticker is ticking awaythis means being wise with your time. Come closer let me whisper something to youtime wasting activities include those "throne room (toilet sitting) times scrolling Facebookbusted! Take the time the night before to set your "next day" agenda and block it off in time increments. Time is priceless, you never get that back.

4. Accountability -Having someone that you trust to keep you accountable. Most people skip this because we do not like to be babysat. See when we are held accountable, one must lay aside their pride. See the power of an accountable partner is that they can hold YOU to your own goals YOU set. You do want to attain your goals?

Your dreams are attainable only when partnered with goals. Step by step you can create your dreams by committing to a simple process daily and consistently. In the bible it says that "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few".

To Your Success!

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