Fostering and adoption teach us a lot about love.

Unconditional love, sacrificial love real LOVE. Loving these children wholeheartedly even when we know we will likely face heartbreaking loss. Loving His children and completely and trusting Him for when we are called to let our kiddos go.

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Im sure it has to be harder letting go when you are trying to form your family completely through adoption. I have had several friends who are on that path right now. One of them has loved and released five kiddos. When I asked her how she gets through the loss here is what she had to say:

I prayed asking for a baby when fostering became an option, I thought God is putting this baby in my arms. How could I say no? No I won't care for You're child God. Of course I would care for His child. As far as when they leave, it is not a loss it is God's will. I will feel proud to have been honored to be entrusted with His child for a short time or for a lifetime. You said yourself, the love we receive far out weighs the feeling of loss when they leave. It is not about "me" it is about God using me to provide for His child.

She is an amazing woman of faith and He is using her to bless so many children. Although she has release five kiddos she is currently the proud foster mommy of a beautiful baby girl. She knows the risks but she has her heart in the servant spirit and she handed the rest all over to God. She opens her heart and her home over and over again trusting in the Lord who has provided exactly what she asked for a baby to love.

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