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Today, I want to act as a filter for you. You're probably reading this because we know each other somehow, and I love having a place to write and discuss ideas.

That's why I wanted to offer up some of the things that have influenced me, and help "filter" some choices for you that I've connected with. Obviously, not everyone has the same tastes, but with the glut of choices out there, a personal recommendation from someone you know goes a long way.

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So that's why I went with Netflix first. If you don't have Netflix, you can obviously find the choices other places, but for $8 a month, their streaming really has been worth it for us (we had the DVD service before the price debacle, don't currently have it.)

So here are some of the best shows/movies on Netflixs you might not have seen:

America, the History of Us Originally aired on History Channel, I have to admit I'm predisposed for this kind of miniseries because I love history. I was a history major for a year (before I switched to Business) and have always been fascinated with what got us to where we are today. This series did a great job showing smaller events that might not be text book worthy, and the implications those events had on the country. One example was how Hollywood got started (Episode 5) and how it became "Hollywood". Beginning to end it's excellently done, definitely worth watching.

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