Chondroitin sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate has been sold in pill form and the majority of the products are made from shell fish or shark cartilage. It is used to alleviate joint pain and works on inflammation but the results tapper off over time.

The body doesn't accept it as it's own so it is not easily made available to promote healing like it's intended purpose. At best it is simply a temporary fix and eventually you will have very little relief for joint problems.

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If you take Glucosamine it has a tendency to spike your glucose levels even if you don't have a problem with glucose levels. The Chondroitin from in BioCell Collagen is proven to do the opposite and it is coming from a naturally occurring source proven to not taper off, in fact, the more you take it the better the results and the quicker you heal.

So why does Liquid BioCell Collagen, known as Jusuru Life Blend work faster promoting healing from within and not merely a band aid? The reason is the source comes form chicken sternal cartilage and it is the only source on the market that your bodily readily absorbs and accepts as it's own body composition. Anyone who eats chicken soup can take this product without it interfering with medications.

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